Daily Picks: Wounded Animal Monday

Picks against the spread analysis for Monday, November 25th.

Weekend results: Missed Saturday on account of some technical issues. (I didn't press a button.) But Friday and Sunday went pretty well at 10-6 including a 5-0 run on Sunday. 

Weekend: 10-6 YTD: 100-86-5



Game: Knicks at Blazers
 Blazers (-8)

The rule remains in place. Until the Knicks get Tyson Chandler back or have some sort of spiritual realignment in which their entire worldview is changed, the rule is to fade them every night and forever. Their defense is abused by nearly any offense with a pulse and the Blazers are a raging dragon heart. 

Eventually this strategy will defeat itself. Until it does, fade the Knicks forever. 



GAME:  Grizzlies at Rockets 

FAVORITE: Rockets (-1.5)

The Rockets make me queasy under any circumstances because of their amazing ability to just fall apart like they're made out of paper. But the Grizzlies just lost Marc Gasol and their offense is about to suffer even more than it did before. The problem? Teams after losing a major player for a moderate-term injury, especially playoff teams, tend to circle the wagons. Eventually the injury catches up and they run out of firepower, but in the short term, they're a wounded animal. Don't touch the wounded animal. 

Hey, Good Lookin'

GAME: Bulls at Jazz
 Bulls (-3)
PICK: Bulls

Derrick Rose is gone, but unless the Bulls trade Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson right now, they can still beat utah by three. Right?

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This

GAME: Celtics at Bobcats 
 Bobcats (-4)

Boston simply cannot be trusted and neither can Charlotte. Charlotte's the better team, but the Celtics have drunkenly stumbled into five wins already. Four's way too high, even with Charlotte better than advertised.  

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