Eye on Basketball Podcast: Going isolation with your questions

I call an isolation play to take your Twitter questions you've submitted. Before getting into the question and answer portion of the podcast, I go over Carmelo Anthony's comments about not wanting to be a part of a rebuild with the New York Knicks. Can they actually bring in free agents right away to build around him and will he truly take a pay cut? Joe Dumars expects to be fired by the Detroit Pistons. Since he broke up the championship core around 2008/2009, he's been a horrendous decision-maker. I go over how the team has unraveled under his watch.

Then it's time to take your Twitter questions. What is the ultimate animal vs. animal fight possible? What team should hire Kevin Spacey's House of Cards character as their general manager? What does the proper Charles Barkley impersonation entail? Which older brothers in the NBA would be able to beat their younger brother counterpart? Who wins between the Gasols, Morris', Teagues, Plumlees, and many more?

We discuss all of this, plus Academy Awards for the NBA, chicken wings and much more.

Have questions for the podcast? Send them to zach.harper@cbsinteractive.com, or ask them on Twitter with the hashtag #EOBPod, and we'll answer them on the show.

You can download the episode here. You can subscribe to us on iTunes, and you should like us on Facebook. Follow Eye on Basketball on Twitter here.

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Zach Harper likes basketball. Some would even say he loves it. He's also an enthusiast for everything Ricky Davis, Rasheed Wallace, Nic Cage, and has seen the movie Gigli almost three times. He's been... Full Bio

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