Eye on Basketball Podcast: Great defense, Pelicans

I'm under the weather today, so I apologize in advance for sounding like Katherine Hepburn, but Matt Moore joins me and carries the podcast as we talk about Dwight Howard's comments about his former Orlando Magic teammates and their response to him. Is there a point where Dwight should just stop talking to the media because he can't stop himself from saying the wrong thing? Even if his comments ended up being correct, do you say something like that at all?

We also break down Wednesday night's action, starting with the incredible comeback by the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant led his team while the New Orleans Hornets just fell apart defensively in the fourth quarter. Their inbound defense in the backcourt was hilariously bad and perfectly summed up the comeback. We also discuss the great ending to the Boston Celtics' win over the Indiana Pacers and the play Doc Rivers drew up and Kevin Garnett executed. 

There is all of that discussion, plus wondering if regular season matchups matter, breaking up the MVP award, and previewing Thursday night's games.

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