Eye on Basketball Podcast: I coulda been a contender

Matt Moore joins me today to try to help me figure out which teams are contenders in the NBA this season. What is a contender? Is it a team that gets to the conference finals or is that not enough? Should contenders only be teams that can win the title without an act of a higher being to make it so? And which teams fit into this year's definition of a contender? Can the Clippers hang with the Spurs and Thunder in the West? Do the Warriors, Nuggets, and Grizzlies have to accept being a tier below those three? Can anybody truly challenge the Heat in the East?

We also get into figuring out where Josh Smith is in his career. With so many trade rumors and confusion surrounding him and his game, should teams believe he can turn it around (in a superstar sense) and take his game to the next level in a new setting? Would it make sense for the Spurs to pursue him? Would he blossom under Rick Carlisle with the Mavericks? Is Smith just not interested in giving his all for the Hawks at this point?

We discuss all of that plus the Brooklyn Nets, Chris Paul shrines and preview Tuesday night's games.

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