Eye on Basketball Podcast: Kevin Durant, Derek Fisher's cologne

Royce Young joins me to on the podcast today to go over the incredible run of Kevin Durant and take stock of the Oklahoma City Thunder. We start off with Durant coming off yet another 30-point game, this time against LeBron James and the Miami Heat. How incredible is this streak of Durant's and his overall play since Russell Westbrook went down? Is it something that we can expect moving forward? When should we expect it to end? Should he be getting all of the credit?

Then we wonder what things will be like when Westbrook returns to the team. Will he and the Thunder adjust to keep Durant going like this? Should we be concerned with Westbrook having three knee surgeries in eight months? What does it look like for him long-term? With the way the Thunder adjusted their game against the Heat, should this be the plan moving forward for them against everybody?

We discuss all of this, plus the Thunder's development success, Thunderstruck 2, and Derek Fisher's cologne.

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