Eye on Basketball Podcast: Talking Lakers

For Thursday's podcast, I have Darius Soriano of ForumBlueAndGold joining me to talk about the rollercoaster ride that is the Los Angeles Lakers' season so far. The Lakers are 12th in the Western Conference after lofty preseason expectations, All-Star acquisitions and an in-season coaching change. So how are they looking at this point?

We get deep into their defensive strengths and weaknesses by talking about the big men stepping up on defense with everybody else letting them down. Do the Lakers' veterans have to get back to the basics of team defense? Can Kobe Bryant afford to keep missing rotations, even if his on-ball defense is good? What more can Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol do as defensive big men?

We also look at the offense and the return of Steve Nash (who could be back Saturday night). How much will change going from Chris Duhon to Nash? Can it change the way Bryant attacks the defense within the offense? And how do you make Gasol work with Howard?

There's also talk of Andrew Bynum's comments about the Lakers, how he might work as a No. 1 option and what kind of cooking that Darius loves to display on Instagram.

You can follow Darius on Twitter at @forumbluegold and read all of his writing at forumblueandgold.com. 

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