Heat's LeBron James to wear a clear mask on Saturday

Will we see James with a different mask choice? (USATSI)
Will we see LeBron James with a different mask choice? (USATSI)

UPDATE (3:22 p.m. ET Saturday): Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said LeBron James would comply with the NBA's request that he wear a clear mask Saturday night, rather than the black version he wore Thursday vs. the Knicks in Miami.

Miami plays Orlando at 7 p.m. ET Saturday night.

PREVIOUS POST: Did you get enough of LeBane James Thursday night when the Miami Heat destroyed the New York Knicks? Hopefully you did because we may not see LeBron James wearing the carbon fiber version of the protective mask we saw on Thursday. While the NBA hasn't banned black masks like we've seen James, Kobe Bryant, and Kyrie Irving wear, it appears they prefer to see players wear the clear masks like we're used to with Richard Hamilton's accessory choice.

That's why Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report tells us to not be surprised if James is wearing a clear mask Saturday when the Heat face the Orlando Magic.

James had a phenomenal night in the dark mask, scoring 31 points on 13-of-19 shooting to go with four rebounds and four assists. That might have been him drawing power from the new mask or it might have been him playing against the Knicks' atrocious defense. Regardless, we'll have the opportunity to judge whether he plays better in a black mask or a clear mask soon enough.

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