Horace Grant, Peja Stojakovic, Ron Harper on 'NBA Jam' 3-on-3 team in India

The India Times reports that Kings, Hornets and, I guess, Mavericks legend Peja Stojakovic will be on 3-on-3 teams this summer with Horace Grant and Ron Harper when the tour comes through India. 

MUMBAI: NBA Legends Horace Grant, Ron Harper and Peja Stojakovic, who collectively have won 10 NBA Championships, will participate in NBA Jam.  The event will feature the largest 3-on-3 tournament ever held in India and include a National Finals televised on SONY SIX.  

The traveling interactive basketball festival combines exciting on-court competition with concerts by well-known local musicians and authentic NBA entertainment and experiences for fans of all ages.

via GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL With NBA Legends in Mumbai | Nba Jam | www.indiatimes.com.

This is part of a larger international effort (the teams are traveling for tournaments in 14 different countries, via the report), and shows how the NBA is focused on India as an emerging market. 

More importantly... if these guys played together, this team would be pretty nuts in "NBA Jam" the video game. Stojakovic can pretty much hit from anywhere on ther perimeter, Grant was crazy good at tip-backs and Harper was always augmented by those games. Pretty much all the Jordan-era Bulls were. Also, I kind of want to see this because Grant is 48 years old and can probably still kick everyone's backside. Throw in the likelihood of Peja just going nuts from halfcourt (shooters can always shoot) and you've got something entertaining as the NBA ramps up its international promotional efforts. 

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