Isaiah Thomas calls Jerryd Bayless a 'fake tough guy'

It doesn't take much for two NBA players to get into a tussle. And Friday night in Boston, all it required was a foul, and a mild push. 

Isaiah Thomas of the Kings fouled Jerryd Bayless of the Celtics, and for some reason, kind of stood over him after it. Bayless, like most humans would, took exception, and pushed him. Then both teams kind of did the come-together-and-act-tough thing, before cooler heads prevailed. 

That's not the notable part. The notable part comes via the Sacramento Bee:

“I don’t like him,” Thomas said of his former AAU teammate. “End of story. He’s a fake tough guy.”

So where does all this animosity come from?

“He knows,” Thomas said.

And why doesn’t Thomas like Bayless?

“Because I don’t,” Thomas said. “That’s why.”

Actually I take that back: The most notable part of the scuffle is DeMarcus Cousins playing peacemaker, trying to separate both players. That definitely should make the highlight reel.

Just another day in the life for the Kings though, as Cousins was fresh off calling Mike Dunleavy a "clown". Thomas in this instance appeared to be the instigator, and went with the far more cliche zing, calling Bayless a "fake tough guy," which isn't near as fun as clown.

Oh, and the Kings got beat by the Celtics, 99-89. Your 2013-14 Sacramento Kings!


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