Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard disagree on Howard's flagrant foul

After the Lakers' 126-114 loss to Denver Wednesday night, the Lakers reacted to Dwight Howard's ejection following a Flagrant 2 foul on Nuggets F Kenneth Faried. 

Dwight Howard, visibly perturbed post-game, did not agree with the call, shock of all shocks. 

"It was a hard foul," Howard said. "That's all I know. I've been fouled harder than that before and nobody's ever gotten kicked out of the game for it, but I get penalized for fouling people hard. It's basketball." 

His teammate, Kobe Bryant, however, thought the ejection was warranted. 

"I think it is the right call. I don't think it was extensive enough to warrante a one-game suspension, but I believe it was a flagrant." 

So that's fun. 

Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni deferred by saying he hadn't seen it on tape, that he only saw it live. He did say that the officials are good at looking at the tape and "figuring it out." 

Nuggets coach George Karl, on the other hand, did thing the foul was excessive. 

"I thought it was (ruled correctly). I thought he went intentionally to endanger (Faried). It looked like he was pretty stunned after that and I thought it was a good call fro where I was. I haven't looked at the video yet."

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