Kobe says he can't learn anything from his young Team USA teammates

Kobe Bryant doesn't want to learn anything in London. (Getty Images)

The saying: You can't teach an old dog new tricks. But really, it's just you can't teach 'em if that old dog doesn't want to learn anything else. Especially from any young pups.

Especially when that old dog is Kobe Bryant. Via the USA Today:

When a news reporter suggested Bryant was the best U.S offensive player in the low post other than center Tyson Chandler, Bryant stopped the question.

“No, no, no,” Bryant said. “Not other than Tyson Chandler. I’m the best post player on this team, period. Tyson Chandler is not in that conversation.”

Asked what it’s like to be the old guy on the team, Bryant said, “I’m where everybody wants to get to. I just happen to be still playing.”

“Can you learn anything from these young guys?” he was asked.

Bryant: “No.”

“You know everything?”

Bryant: “I don’t know if I know it all, but I know more than they do.”

We've been listening to Kobe answer questions for a long time. Would you really expect him to say anything else? His brash, unwavering confidence is one of the things that endears him to so many, while also rubbing some the wrong way. He's just... Kobe.

That's why Wednesday's performance against Australia was so very Kobe. He forced the issue early, looked old, tired and a little washed up. And then he hit six second half 3s and scored all 20 of his points in the final 20 minutes. Kobe Bryant: Always waving a middle finger.

Is he learning from other teammates like Kevin Durant, LeBron James or Chris Paul? Of course he is. He's just not ever going to say so.


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