Lakers' Pau Gasol has foot pain again, and Kobe Bryant is doubtful

These guys still hurt. And everybody hurts... sometimes... (Getty Images)
These guys still hurt. And everybody hurts... sometimes... (Getty Images)

If you were hoping to see the Los Angeles Lakers' duo of Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant back on the court Sunday night when they play the Sacramento Kings at Staples Center, you probably shouldn't hold your breath.

Gasol had been seeing real progress since tearing his plantar fascia in early February and even talked about playing pain free after a two-on-two session in Indianapolis on Thursday. Bryant suffered a severe sprain on Wednesday night and managed to play the first 12 minutes of the game Friday before bowing out and playing assistant coach the rest of the night.

However, neither is likely to play on Sunday because of his injury. Via ESPN Los Angeles:

Pau Gasol experienced soreness in his injured right foot Saturday after participating in a workout at the Lakers training facility, according to a Lakers spokesman. He will be examined Sunday by Dr. Kenneth Jung, a foot specialist, and a further update will be given Sunday before the Lakers play the Sacramento Kings at Staples Center.

Gasol, who has been out with torn plantar fascia in his foot since February 5, had been hoping to return at some point this week, possibly even as soon as Sunday.

Kobe Bryant, who played only 12 scoreless minutes on a badly sprained ankle Friday night in Indiana, received treatment on his ankle Saturday and is listed by the Lakers as doubtful for Sunday's game against the Kings.

The news that Kobe is being listed as doubtful for Sunday's contest shouldn't be a huge surprise. Yes, he's Kobe Bryant. But the fact that he could barely go on Friday night shows this injury could take quite a bit more time for him to bounce back from. If he's going to be effective at all, he's going to need to continue treatment on the ankle and give it some more rest.

The news that Pau suffered a setback is discouraging to the Lakers. He had been progressing nicely with his recovery and even thought about playing as early as Friday against the Pacers and seemed like a lock to play by Monday against Phoenix. Instead, we'll have to wait for another update about him after he sees a foot specialist until we know if he can be activated soon and return to the Lakers' rotation.

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