Melo doesn't get why his MVP voter is catching 'so much flak for that'

Luol Deng is officially out for Game 2.   (USATSI)
Melo doesn't see what's such a big deal about his MVP vote. (Getty Images)

Out of 121 MVP votes, LeBron James received 120. 

The one he didn't get went to Carmelo Anthony. Outrage ensued. 

Outside of the lone voter -- Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe -- no one really understood why Melo would deserve that vote. 

Well, other than Carmelo Anthony. He wants to know why everyone was so upset about this whole thing. Via the New York Daily News:

“As far as the guy in Boston, I don’t know why he catches so much flak for that,” Anthony said following Game 2. “He has the right to vote for whoever he wants. LeBron won the MVP. Why is everybody so mad that he didn’t win it unanimously? ... Thank you.”

I read Melo's response more as, "He can vote for whomever he wants" and not as, "So what he voted for me, I was a good pick." I think that distinction is important here. 

Really, the vote for Melo sort of backfired. Because instead of it flattering Anthony, it just opened the door for every fan, analyst and writer to explain how large the gap is between him and LeBron. From defense, to efficient scoring, to setting up teammates, to basically everything -- LeBron was better. And by a large margin. 

And then there's the fact that Melo didn't even have the second-best season in the NBA. That was Kevin Durant, who while losing out to Melo in the scoring title race, became only the sixth player to go for the vaunted 50-40-90, while still averaging 28.1 points. 

All of this isn't a slight on Carmelo, though. He had a brilliant season. His scoring barrage in April was absolutely spectacular. Melo is one of the best scorers in basketball and when he gets going, there may not be a more unstoppable offensive force. 

MVP, though? Nah. Not even runner-up. But Melo got that vote, and good for him.


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