Monta Ellis enjoys Super Nintendo games

From Bucksketball

How cool is that thing? I’m wondering if I’m super behind the times right now.

Tobias Harris snapped this picture of Monta Ellis on Thursday apparently on the plane as the Bucks traveled 30 minutes across the state of Wisconsin to La Crosse to take on the Memphis Grizzlies. The Bucks lost the game, but we can see that Ellis was the real winner -- 0r whatever day he bought this thing.

The thing is called a SupaBoy apparently and it’s a portable SNES console.

(via Monta Ellis plays Super Nintendo games while he travels: Bucksketball)

This is my new favorite thing about Ellis, slipping over his unconventionally awesome post-up abilities (seriously, he's a beast in the post) and the fact that he almost lost his contract over a Moped accident. 

Courtesy of our friends at Gamespot, here's the list of SNES games he can choose. Strongly recommend "A Link to the Past" and now that you mention it, Ellis is a little bit like Link. Also, he can play the worst Mega-Man video game of all time. This one was suprisingly good, and I usually hate games like this. 

But of course, the only game he really needs is something reminiscent of the Bucks offense. 

Mario Kart

HT: Tobias Harris on Twitter

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