Nightly Grades: The Sixers went winless in February

Each night, Eye on Basketball brings you what you need to know about the games of the NBA. From great performances to terrible clock management the report card evaluates and eviscerates the good, the bad, and the ugly from the night that was.

B The Orlando Magic did their job against the Philadelphia 76ers . That's about as simple as it gets. All they had to do was be relatively mistake free and they'd secure the road victory. Aside from seven turnovers by Victor Oladipo , the Magic were pretty much mistake free. Nikola Vucevic provided a great presence inside with 21 points and 13 rebounds, Jameer Nelson dealt out 12 assists, and Oladipo still had 17 poins and 11 rebounds. 
F The Sixers didn't completely wet the bed in this one but considering they lost every single game in the month of February (this is bad even if it's a short month), we should still probably put rubber sheets on the bed and wake them up in the middle of the night the rest of the season.
B+ The Boston Celtics rode their backcourt to victory behind Jerryd Bayless and Rajon Rondo . Bayless shredded the Atlanta Hawks with 29 points on 12-of-21 shooting and Rondo gave the C's 22 points and 11 assists. Boston dominated a decimated Hawks' frontline with a rebounding advantage of 46-29. 
C+ The Hawks are probably looking for any tall guys in the crowd to come play some center for them. Al Horford , Pero Antic , Paul Millsap , and Gustavo Ayon are all out and it showed with Elton Brand being the only real big guy available. Jeff Teague had 26 points and DeMarre Carroll had 24 points for the Hawks.
A What the Chicago Bulls did to the Golden State Warriors is officially classified as a whooping. Taj Gibson kept adding to his Sixth Man of the Year campaign with 21 points off the bench and the Bulls just rolled a Warriors team that never really showed up. Joakim Noah had eight points, 17 rebounds, and seven assists as well.
F Not sure what the Warriors were trying to do tonight but it certainly wasn't trying to win a basketball game. Not a single starter scored in double figures and the starting unit of Stephen Curry , Klay Thompson , Andre Iguodala , Jermaine O'Neal , and Andrew Bogut as a whole shot 38.8 percent from the field. 
A Not sure you could ask this Cleveland Cavaliers team to have a better game in Oklahoma City when they dominated the end of game and beat the Oklahoma City Thunder . The Cavs scored 42 points in the fourth quarter to help the Thunder lose their third straight home game for the first time since 2009. Kyrie Irving had 14 of his 31 points in the fourth to out-duel Kevin Durant .
C- It shouldn't matter who the Thunder are working back into the lineup, they can't lose a home game like this to the Cavaliers. Durant had a great all-around game with 28 points, 10 rebounds, and nine assists, and Russell Westbrook had 24 points and nine assists. Other than Serge Ibaka 's 16 points, there wasn't a single Thunder player in double figures. 20 turnovers for the Thunder just killed their good shooting.
A- Once Anthony Davis left the game with a shoulder injury, the Dallas Mavericks pretty much knew they could grab an easy victory. They had another incredible offensive game with 51.9 percent from the field, 45.5 percent from 3-point range and they went 16-of-17 from the line. Monta Ellis led the way with 24 points and the Mavs gave up just eight points off of nine turnovers.
C+ No Jrue Holiday . No Ryan Anderson . Davis only played for 13 minutes. They needed to play a perfect game to pull off the road victory and the New Orleans Pelicans were far from perfect. 21 turnovers and they missed 11-of-19 free throws. 
B The Memphis Grizzlies dominated the first half of this game with a 65-46 advantage before just going through the motions in the second half. This game was way too close and while a win is a win, the Grizzlies need to end these games much earlier. No reason for the Grizzlies to give up 55.0 percent shooting in the second half to this  Los Angeles Lakers team.
C+ Six guys in double figures. They hit 15 3-pointers. And they only have a couple of months before they get to start figuring out who their first round pick might be.
A- The San Antonio Spurs had eight players in double figures. That kind of thing helps you rack up 120 points in 48 minutes of play. The Spurs finished with 61 bench points, thanks to Marco Belinelli's 20, Manu Ginobili's 16, and Boris Diaw and Patty Mills both getting into double digits. They assisted on 34 of their 44 baskets too. This was an offensive clinic.
B- The Detroit Pistons did their best to keep up with the Spurs' machine. Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum had great efforts off the bench, Josh Smith led the way with an efficient 24 points, and Andre Drummond had 16 points and 17 rebounds. But you can't hang with a clicking Spurs' offense by taking just 10 3-pointers. 
A Nobody took it easy on the Utah Jazz when they started the season without their starting point guard, and they didn't take it easy on the Phoenix Suns with them missing Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe. Seven players in double figures for Utah, led by Gordon Hayward's 17 points, 10 rebounds, and nine assists. The Jazz won every quarter. 
D+ It's hard to completely kill the Suns in this game because they were missing their starting backcourt. But even without the resistance with the defensive backcourt, they still were terrible on defense. Couple that with not being able to get buckets to stop early runs by the Jazz and you have a recipe for getting blown out.
A+ It didn't matter that the Portland Trail Blazers were missing their best player. They kept the offensive philosophy chugging along with ball movement and scoring from all over the floor. Nicolas Batum led the way for Portland with 19 points, six rebounds, and six assists, and the combination of Mo Williams and Will Barton off the bench were just too much. Portland's bench had 68 points. The Nets team had 80 points.
F Right in the middle of a seven-game road stretch, the Brooklyn Nets look like they want to go home. They were completely manhandled by a Blazers team that didn't have LaMarcus Aldridge playing. They couldn't stop Portland and they certainly couldn't rebound against them.
B+ Chris Paul and Blake Griffin battled as much as they could and DeAndre Jordan did a great job of battling Dwight Howard inside. But the Los Angeles Clippers needed someone to step up with Jamal Crawford leaving the game with a calf strain. Darren Collison stepped up with 12 of his 19 points in the fourth quarter to help his team close out the Houston Rockets. 
B- The Rockets didn't get stops when they needed them, they shot just 32.0 percent from downtown, they didn't move the ball enough, and they were sloppy with the ball by committing 20 turnovers. When they lose games, it's usually for these reasons. 
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