Phil Jackson says he has 'no intention of ever coaching again'

Phil Jackson. (Getty Images)

Phil Jackson has been at the top of two coaching searches this season. That comes with the 11 championship rings territory. But the Hall of Fame Zenmaster told that the days of him casually sitting in his elevated chair not calling timeouts are over. 

“I have no intention of ever coaching again,” Jackson told in a brief statement.

via Phil Jackson says he has "no intention" of ever coaching again.

So there you have it. Case closed. 

Except not. 

Jackson consistently has said in the past he's done coaching and then pops up in these conversations. He's going to be in talks for a while and yet always says he's done. The right offer will get him to change his mind. That's the luxury of retirement (though he doesn't call it retirement). 

But for right now, it would appear that the Nets will be hanging with P.J. Carlesimo (who has done a great job). For now, the Zenmaster isn't ambling through that door. 

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