President Obama got an assist from Scottie Pippen on election day

Barack Obama hooped it up with Scottie Pippen on election day. (Getty Images)

It's President Barack Obama's election-day tradition. Instead of anxiously watching the hours tick away as he waits for the first polls to close, he takes his mind off things by running some ball.

And yesterday in Chicago, he got a little game together that included one of the greatest players ever. Via the Chicago Tribune:

At around 1 p.m., Obama's motorcade arrived at the Hope Athletic Center on Chicago's West Side, where the president played basketball with staff and friends. Former Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias tweeted that he was playing on a team with Obama and former Bulls Pippen and Randy Brown. Their team reportedly won by 20 points.
A White House spokeswoman confirmed that Obama also played with brother-in-law and Oregon State basketball coach Craig Robinson, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, White House Assistant Chef Sam Kass, Reggie Love, Mike Ramos and Marty Nesbitt.

So, what does Pippen have to say about the president's game?

“He’s not an overly aggressive player, but he takes what the defense gives him,” Pippen told “He’s got a smooth game. He probably used to be a little more aggressive, but obviously he doesn’t want to get hurt.

“I thought the lanes opened up when Michael Jordan used to drive,” he said. “I used to be like, wow. But when I saw the president drive, I thought they were bringing the whole motorcade through the lane it was so wide.”

Well, it seems that the tradition can die now seeing as Obama really won't have any more election days ahead of him.

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