Reggie Miller rule will be enforced this year

No more kicking your challenging defenders. (Getty Images)

As the NBA has decided to "crack down on flopping" with its new shiny fines for such an offense, there have been a few additions to the rule book and what will be enforced this season.

While many people wondered if flopping would lead to technical fouls, some also were curious to see if the league would institute FIBA's goaltending rule (once the ball touches the rim on a shot, a player can knock it away). The league passed on the FIBA rule, but it did tweak a few of the current rules that will affect the game but not as dramatically as we once presumed.

In addition to reviewable replay calls at the end of games, Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe lets us know shooters kicking their legs out to draw fouls won't be tolerated anymore (via SLAMOnline):

Also, officials will emphasize the ''Reggie Miller rule'' for a shooter who kicks his legs out during jump-shot attempts to create contact and draw fouls. Officials plan to call offensive fouls on shooters who blatantly kick out their legs to initiate contact.

This is going to be pretty interesting to see just how much officials continue to fall for this kind of move as opposed to how much they recognize it in real time and call the offensive foul. This is a play that has been called on the defensive player many times instead of just being a no-call. Now they're going to go in the other direction and call it an offensive foul?

Here's an example of Reggie Miller using it to his advantage:

In the first 3-point attempt and highlight of this package, Reggie kicks out his right leg as the defender comes by. This is definitely a foul by rule, but it's good to know they're going to call a foul on the offensive player. I'm curious if this will lead to more offensive fouls on driving players who create separation with a foot to the midsection of the challenging defensive player.

Miller once had the NBA record for most 4-point plays in NBA history, but Jamal Crawford has since exceeded that total. Surprisingly, Crawford shouldn't be affected much by this. Search "Jamal Crawford 4-point play" on YouTube, and you'll see he gets hit on the arm quite a bit and rarely kicks his legs out to create the contact.

Another rule that has been tweaked is the "Respect for the Game" rule. Players will once again be asked to check the theatrics at the door when arguing a call, but they'll no longer be given a technical for throwing the ball against the stanchion.

A few years ago, the league sought to crack down on players who threw the ball against the stanchions in frustration. Now, officials said, they will only call technicals on players who disrupt the game or toss balls that distract fans.

I don't quite understand what the "toss balls that distract fans" part of this means, but one can only assume we'll see a lot of ejected cheerleaders and mascots after timeouts are called. People go crazy for those slingshot tosses. 

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