Report: Mavericks targeting free agent Samuel Dalembert

After Andrew Bynum agreed to sign with the Cavaliers Wednesday, the Mavericks were left with pursuing a Plan C when it comes to their starting center. Dwight Howard: miss. Bynum: no go. So now the Mavericks move to their third option, Samuel Dalembert. From Yahoo Sports: 

ESPN reports that the Mavs met with the veteran center Wednesday and are negotiating a deal. Jose Calderon was part of the pitch, apparently. Maybe he's really persuasive or something. He certainly won't come across as defensive. (WOCKA-WOCKA-WOCKA.)

Dalembert can work fine next to Dirk Nowitzki and could be a veteran they use in the futue as they try to make another run at the title. There's the concern they could wind up with a Dampier-type situation, but even then, Dampier was a contributor for many seasons with Dallas. The reality is that Dallas is a little bit desperate at this point and Dalembert is as good an option as any at center. 

The Mavericks are also likely to re-sign Brandan Wright

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