Report: Rockets, Celtics interested in Bulls center Omer Asik

Omer Asik is in a great position. Reserves almost never play enough minutes to have their weaknesses regularly on display, while their strengths are almost immediately apparent. Especially when you're a 7-foot tall Turkish man with impossibly big hands and a huge body in a league short on legit big men. And he's coming into restricted free agency at a time when there isn't a deep class of available talent and big men are at a premium.

In short, Omer Asik is about get paid. 

Asik's going to have a long list of suitors, but Sam Smith of reports on two in particular. He notes that the Celtics and Rockets both have interest in the big man. 

The Rockets, meanwhile, have eyed restricted free agent Omer Asik at times. And while I’ve generally maintained keeping the bigs is a Bulls’ edge, perhaps they should look at a move with the Rockets. Though maybe the guy should be Noah. The Bulls can match offers on Asik, who basically is not worth the money the few minutes he plays as a fourth big behind Noah, Taj Gibson and Carlos Boozer.


The Celtics are one the teams said to be considering a strong offer to Bulls center Asik. The thinking is it might help them retain Kevin Garnett, who though playing very well at center the second half of the season doesn’t want to return as a center. 

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The Celtics need a center. Badly. Kevin Garnett was amazing in that spot last year, but they also managed to avoid anyone in the playoffs with legitimate size down low... like Chicago. The Celtics would love Asik's defensive intelligence and playmaking ability, and along with Greg Stiemsma, Asik could form one of the most hilarious frontcourt rotations in the league. 

The Rockets have basically been looking for a center since 2009, since you know who went down with his injuries which sadly ended his career. Asik would shore up that position, allowing the Rockets to pursue a post scorer to pair with whoever survives the bloodbath of Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic, along with Chandler Parsons. The Rockets do have quality players to send back to the Bulls in a sign-and-trade.

The big question mark on the Bulls matching offers is whether Jerry Reinsdorf is willing to go into the luxury tax for a non-championship team, despite how close they've come and the injuries which have befallen them. He's always been hesitant. With the repeater tax looming on the horizon, you can't imagine that prospect becoming more enticing. 

Whether the Bulls match, trade, or let Asik walk is going to be maybe the biggest question for the Bulls this offseason. 

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