Report: Ronny Turiaf signs with Clippers

NBA champion Ronny Turiaf (/scratches that one off "things I never thought I would write") has reportedly agreed to a one-year, veteran minimum deal with the Los Angeles Clippers via the Los Angeles Times

The deal brings the Clippers a replacement for Reggie Evans who signed with the Nets. Turiaf just has to come in, give energy, rebound a little, try and defend, and maybe get a putback. That's all his responsibilties are. As much as Evans was lauded after the Grizzlies's series, Turiaf is probably a better systemic defender and won't accumulate fouls as quickly. 

Plus, it means the Clippers have one of the better bench dancers in the NBA. And an NBA champion on roster. (That's still weird.) notes this is Turiaf's seventh team in eight years. Well, at least he's got a wide range of experiences to draw from. Turiaf is most known for his time with the Lakers

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