Robin Lopez has it out for the Raptors mascot

In an interview with the Willamette Weekly, Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez pointed out which mascot he haes the most. It's the Toronto Raptor. 

In a recent game in Detroit, you wrestled Hooper, the Pistons’ mascot, to the ground.

I was protecting myself. That was self-defense.

Which is the NBA’s most annoying mascot?

The Toronto Raptor. I wish we could go back to Toronto, because he gets my goat. I have a few choice words for that guy.

Can you elaborate on that?

No. He knows.

via Interview: Trail Blazer Robin Lopez on Comic Books and Disney.

Earlier this year, Lopez smacked around Hooper. 

Of course, if you want to talk about the actual worst mascot:

This is the scariest mascot ever. (USATSI)
This is the scariest mascot ever. (USATSI)

But maybe annoying is the wrong word there. After all, when I think "may sneak into your house and murder you in your sleep," I don't think annoying. What's doubly amazing is Lopez dislikes the Raptor, despite him being a replacement after the first one tore his Achilles. Harsh, bro. 

HT: Raptors Republic

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