Serge Ibaka says he'll return to Spanish national team

Serge Ibaka was upset after the Games in London over his lack of playing time, particularly when the Gasols were on the bench. There was even talk that he could be done with the Spanish national team altogether and refuse to play in Rio in 2016. In an interveiw with Spanish outlet, translated by HoopsHype, Ibaka denied that assertion. 

Serge Ibaka: "I don't want to leave the National Team, I will play with Spain if they ask me to. I feel very proud about playing with Spain."

via HoopsHype - NBA Rumors.

Ibaka is likely to get a lot more time in 2016, as Pau Gasol is very much a question mark to return. The team will need someone to pair with Marc Gasol, and it's unlikely that there will be any more seven-foot Spaniards walking through that door. By then Ibaka will likely be a smarter player as well, more aware of how to move without the ball and have a deeper skillset. They'll need him more, he'll be a better fit, everything will work out. 

At least this way Ibaka won't have to deal with all these questions for three years. 

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