Spurs-Warriors Game 5: Tracy McGrady's greatest garbage time ever

This is Tracy McGrady's first time in the Conference Semifinals. The 32-year-old, seven-time All-Star never made it out of the first-round when he was an impact player. McGrady spent the year with China after failing to come to an agreement with an NBA team. The Spurs signed him after waiving Stephen Jackson, just in time for the playoff push. 

A legend who was once one of the most dominant players in the league, McGrady is a relic for YouTube forays and esoteric blog posts now. But for a brief 26 seconds in Game 5 vs. the Warriors, McGrady was a dominant player on the floor, in style as well as substance. 

That's right, before the chasedown block, before the drive-and-kick assist, here's Tracy McGrady waiving off a screen to take Richard Jefferson one-on-one off the dribble. Two dinosaurs locking horns. All hail the ancient T-Mac. Long may he reign in the kingdom of garbage time. 

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