Tim Duncan won't be campaigning for his 14th All-Star nod

Duncan would like a little "me time." (Getty Images)

Tim Duncan is a Hall of Fame lock, the best power forward of all time or one of the top centers of all time (depending how you view positions), and he's a 13-time All-Star in the NBA. Last season was the first time Duncan didn't make the All-Star team in the Western Conference. If it doesn't happen this season, he'll be just fine with it.

This is what happens when you've spent a decade and a half in the NBA. You begin to value your rest and time with your family above accolades. From MySanAntonio.com:

But Duncan’s streak of consecutive All-Star appearances ended last season when the fans picked young guns Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin as starters, and the Western Conference coaches opted not to add him as a reserve.

Then, Duncan discovered the joy of a long midseason weekend with his family.

“I enjoyed it tremendously,” he said Monday morning from a courtside seat at the Toyota Center, where this season’s All-Star Game will be played Feb. 17.

Duncan said that he won't campaign for a 14th All-Star selection and that he "wouldn't complain" if he doesn't make the All-Star roster this season.

In this piece about Tim Duncan by Chris Ballard earlier this year, the idea of how important time with his family is for Duncan was very apparent. When you're on the road for a good chunk of the year and constantly working out, fine-tuning your body and figuring out the best way to game-plan for your next opponent, I'd imagine it's pretty tough to get a ton of quality time with your wife and kids during the season.

Now, he just has to make sure Gregg Popovich doesn't carry the torch for another NBA hat tip to just how good Duncan has been and continues to be.

“I will not be campaigning,” he said. “I haven’t heard what Pop’s been saying, but I guess I’ve got to talk to him.

“I wouldn’t complain if I’m not on the [All-Star] roster. I want to play well and want to feel good about what I’m doing on the court, but I am not going to be unhappy if I don’t make it.”

We all know Popovich is fine with keeping his guys out of nationally televised games.

(H/T - Ball Don't Lie)

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