Tony Allen leaves shootaround but will play Game 7

Will Tony Allen miss Game 7?   (USATSI)
Will Tony Allen miss Game 7? (USATSI)

Update: Tony Allen will play tonight.

The Memphis Grizzlies are in trouble headed into Game 7 vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder. They failed to put away OKC in an elimination game in Memphis, and are on the road facing a reawakened Kevin Durant in the Thunderdome. Mike Conley has a hamstring inury that forced him out of Game 6 and struggled to walk at shootaround. Zach Randolph is suspended for punching Steven Adams in the face. 

And on Saturday morning, more bad news: 

If Conley and Allen are unable to play, that'll pretty much do it for Memphis. Their odds of pulling this off after blowing Game 6 weren't great. Allen has done heroic work on Durant throughout the series, embarrassing selecters because he didn't receive a single Defensive Player of the Year vote. And his offense has been needed, too. As reckless as Allen is, he's still able to make plays and convert layups. That's huge for a team that struggles to score. 

Hate to say it, but after such a great series, with four straight games in overtime, it's looking like a blowout for OKC in Game 7. 

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