Video: Blake Griffin continues to baptize Pau Gasol at Staples Center

In the eight head-to-head showdowns between Blake Griffin and Pau Gasol, Pau has made Griffin into an inefficient scorer. Griffin is averaging 19.5 points against Gasol in their matchups, but he's shooting just 45.1 percent and taking 17.8 shots to get those points. 

However, there is something Blake has continued to do against Pau and that's dunk against him with a ferocity that has only been seen in horror movies. Blake has a knack for dunking on Pau Gasol and in the second quarter of the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers tonight, Griffin got him again.

Gasol was slow to cut off the baseline and once Griffin got the step on him, all he needed was Jordan Hill to miss the rotation to cut off the other side of the rim. Apparently Hill loves watching Griffin dunk like we all do.

Griffin threw down the vicious reverse dunk and gave us another highlight. What's crazy is he didn't even crack his own top-20 dunks with that one. 

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