VIDEO: Bucks' Caron Butler gets emotional in presser returning home

At 33 years old, Caron Butler doesn't have to be at the end of his career. He's entering the 12th season of his NBA career but could definitely carve out a few more years as a mentor and role-playing small forward that plenty of teams find valuable to have around. However, coming home to play for the Milwaukee Bucks could feel oddly like his career is coming full circle and that's bound to bring up emotions for Butler, who began his basketball life roughly 30 miles away in Racine, Wisconsin.

When the Bucks held a press conference to introduce Butler, they did so at Racine High School. In the video above, the Bucks' new small forward talks about why coming home to Wisconsin is so important and emotional for him because it was something he dreamt of doing. A homecoming for Butler means he gets to send his kid to the same high school he began his career at and be close to loved ones. As he said in the video:

You know, being moved around a couple of times in this offseason has been hard on the family, but just to be back home, that's extremely important, so I'm extremely happy about this whole process.

I'm a little emotional, definitely. I always am. Y'all see me crying at press conferences and all them things all the time, draft night and so on. But it's a different emotion now, because this is a dream come true. This is something that I always dreamed about and thought about ... and I never thought it would happen. So it's special. Thank you.

The Bucks acquired Caron Butler from the Phoenix Suns on August 29 for Ish Smith and Slava Kravstov. With the Bucks in need of a veteran presence and a small forward, it seemed like a perfect deal for both sides considering the Suns were looking to cut salary in an effort to have more flexibility and absorb some of the cost of outright releasing Michael Beasley from his contract.

With as much cynicism that we often find with the sports world, it's pretty cool to see some real emotion from a player because he gets to come home to do his job. This will be the sixth team Butler has played for in his career, after just a couple weeks ago when he thought that sixth team would be the Suns. Moving your family around that much and then finally being able to come home, even if it's just for a year, is something that clearly means a lot to Butler. 

(H/T - Ball Don't Lie)

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