VIDEO: Chris Andersen and Mike Miller karaoke 'Ice, Ice Baby'

It's Karaoke Tuesday at Eye on Basketball!

Previously, we brought you LeBron James attempting to sing "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson. And while that was incredibly horrible in many ways, the effort and execution might be better than Chris Andersen and Mike Miller of the Miami Heat attempting "Ice, Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice.

Miller and the Birdman (that sounds like a great 1970s buddy cop TV show) somehow don't know the words to this song enough to be able to get through it without just stringing together mumbles and grunts to mask a lack of lyrics at certain points. Not even Mike Miller's giant dollar sign necklace can save him.

Miller defers way too much to his big man here. You'd really like to see him use his guard skills to control the flow of the song but instead, he keeps throwing the mic into the post, so to speak.

During the weekend before Halloween last year, my friend Trevor was dressed as Vanilla Ice and brought down the house with his version of "Ice, Ice Baby." He's not quite the basketball player that they are though, so if they ever challenge him to a friendly game of H-O-R-S-E at least we know he can even the odds with a karaoke competition.

Let's just hope the tie-breaking competition isn't getting tattoos. 

(Video via Hot Hot Hoops)

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