VIDEO: Chris Bosh soars in for the dunk through contact

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat may not do a lot of work around the rim anymore, but he's good for a monster dunk when we least expect it. In the second quarter of Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs, Dwyane Wade found a cutting Bosh who was coming right down the middle of the lane for a big finish.

I'm not sure anybody was expecting the dunk through contact for the And-1 play by Bosh, but that's exactly what he delivered as he seemed to hover through the air for a little longer than normal. Bosh was fouled by Tim Duncan on the play, but still brought home the dunk and ended up converting the free throw.

Dunking off two feet from the broken half circle below the free throw line is impressive, even if the guy is 6'11" guy with a 7'3" wingspan. 

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