Video: Danny Granger out of Game 5 after ankle sprain landing on LeBron James' foot

Update: Granger tried, but returned to the locker room before the 8-minute mark of the third. The Pacers say he will not return.

Update: Granger wills start the second half. 

He told TNT that the ankle is "tight" but he will "give it a go."


Danny Granger suffered a sprained ankle in the 2nd quarter of the Pacers' Game 5 in Miami against the Heat and is questionable to return. The incident happened after LeBron James appeared to slightly undercut him coming down from a jumpshot. 

The game has already featured two flagrant fouls, one on Dwyane Wade from Tyler Hansbrough, and one from Udonis Haslem in retaliation on Tyler Hansbrough. James moved into Granger but didn't appear to intentionally move to hurt him. The Indianapolis Star reports that Granger is questionable to return.

These kind of moves are common place, but the NBA has already moved to stiffen penalties for them after several injuries a result of plays from Bruce Bowen, who of course denied their intention.

Granger has been involved in several incidents with both James and Dwyane Wade during the course of this series and on Tuesday, the Heat stars called Granger out publicly

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