Video: Derrick Rose- 'The Dark Knight Rises' mash-up

There are a lot of YouTube video mash-ups. So many we can't really keep track. But this one caught my eye. Derrick Rose's return, chronicled in a series of shoe-shlocking videos designed to paint Rose as the hero overcoming adversity provided you buy his new kicks, is the stuff of high drama. So someone mashed foootage of his injury, rehab and eventual return with the audio from the trailer to "The Dark Knight Rises." 

The use of LeBron James as the villain in this context is pretty brilliant, even if James wasn't the one to "break" Rose. Using Andre Iguodala or Spencer Hawes doesn't have quite the same effect. And the fact that Bane protrays himself as a hero to the people coincides with James' public transformation due to his new publicist.

Additionally, there's kind of a cool parallel with the fact that Batman is driven by the death of his parents and Chicago has suffered after the retirement of Michael Jordan, with Rose standing as their "protector" of sorts. 

And as Michael Levin points out, this makes Carlos Boozer Catwoman and that's just all sorts of awkward. 

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