VIDEO: Jeremy Evans finishes lob from behind the 3-point line

The finish itself wasn't necessarily all that eye-catching, but Jamal Tinsley's lob to Jeremy Evans may be one of the best of the season.

Closing out the fourth of a much-needed win over the Trail Blazers, Tinsley tossed an alley-oop to Evans while Evans was still behind the 3-point line. Tinsley lobbed it high letting Evans run under it like he was a centerfielder to throw it down.

Evans, a one-time dunk champion and two-time competitor, obviously has major bounce to go with his absurd length, so it was no problem for him to run down the lob. But even more than that, what's most impressive is how Tinsley knew he could throw that kind of pass to Evans. He saw Evans on the wing and just put it up there.

Seriously pause the video right where Tinsley lets it fly. It'll blow your mind to see where Evans is standing.

Via Mike Prada

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