VIDEO: J.R. Smith gets warning about untying shoes, still does it

Remember a couple of days ago when New York Knicks' guard J.R. Smith untied Shawn Marion's shoes during a free throw attempt? It was a silly, possibly savvy play by Smith to distract his opponent, if only for a possession. Well, the NBA has reportedly met with Smith on the issue of untying other player's shoes and has told him he can't do it anymore.

That didn't stop Smith from doing in Tuesday night when the Knicks played the Detroit Pistons. Lined up for another free throw attempt by the opponent, Smith can be seen bent down near Greg Monroe's shoes in the video above. This is something that could draw a fine from the NBA, especially if they just told him he's not allowed to do this type of thing anymore. From The New York Post

J.R. Smith was interrogated by the NBA concerning Sunday’s shoelace caper, but got only a “warning’’ and no fine, according to an industry source.

“The league told him it can’t happen again,’’ the source said.

Yet Smith was still up to his old mischievous ways Tuesday against Detroit, when cameras caught him with his hand near Pistons center Greg Monroe’s sneaker as they waited for free throws in what appeared to be goofing around. Monroe stepped away.

“I wasn’t really too concerned about [getting fined],’’ Smith said after the game.

When asked if he understood the message from the league, Smith said, “Yes and no. I’m not really supposed to talk about it.’’

It's one thing for Smith to do this on a random occurrence in a game but to keep doing it after the league has reportedly warned him about not doing it anymore? That seems to be begging for disciplinary action, most likely a fine by the league. If Smith isn't concerned about getting a fine over something like that, could the league possibly suspend him for such a harmless act because he's deciding to be defiant or dismissive over the issue?

Is this type of thing actually harmful? Some people were upset at Smith for doing this to Marion because Marion has bad ankles. Playing on a loosened shoe, even for one possession, could have possibly caused a bad step that results in a sprained ankle for Marion. If this is happening in games still, the player won't be able to stop play to tie his shoes. But would the refs be able to step in, call an official timeout, and then warn Smith about this? Would they be allowed or instructed to give him a technical foul?

The fact that this is even a topic of discussion is very J.R. Smith right now.

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