VIDEO: Lakers' Kobe Bryant injures his ankle, X-rays negative

Los Angeles Lakers' guard Kobe Bryant drove to the right side against Dahntay Jones and rose up for the fadeaway shot in an attempt to tie the game with another clutch bucket. The play ended about as badly as you can imagine it would for this Lakers' team.

Kobe came down on Jones' foot, sprained his ankle, and missed the shot as the Hawks hung on for a 96-92 victory. Bryant had to come out of the game with just a couple seconds left and had an x-ray after the game to see if there was a break in any of the bones. The X-rays came back negative:

With the Lakers' loss, Utah pulled even with Los Angeles in the standings and owns the tie-breaker with the Lakers. Kobe's team can't afford for him to miss much time with the playoff push coming down to the wire, but a severe sprain is unlikely to heal by the time they take the floor against the Indiana Pacers on Friday night.

However, we've seen Kobe have injuries before that looked really bad, and he's missed either very little time or no time at all. We'll have to wait and see how he's reevaluated in the next day or two. 

(Video via The Point Forward)

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