VIDEO: Lakers put on a show with some preseason highlights

The Los Angeles Lakers currently aren't the team we should expect to see this season. In the first preseason game of the weekend for them, they were without Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Pau Gasol. In the second preseason game of the weekend for them, Nash and Gasol played limited minutes but Bryant was still out of the country with his latest knee procedure in Germany.

They did manage to give us some nice highlights during the second night of a preseason back-to-back in their game against the Denver Nuggets, despite not being at full strength. The first highlight came from the combination of Wesley Johnson and Nick Young. Steve Nash grabbed the loose ball after the poke-away by Pau Gasol. Nash quickly pushed the ball ahead to Johnson, who dropped it off for the Nick Young slam.

The second highlight came on a staggered pick-and-roll that could be a deadly weapon with Nash or Bryant running the play from the top of the key. Nash took the double screen from Gasol and Shawne Williams to the right side of the floor. As he dribble penetrated, the defense dropped down from the strong side corner (often a no-no), and Nash delivered a beautiful behind-the-back pass to Steve Blake in the corner.

The final highlight came from Darius Johnson-Odom, who is trying to make the roster for the Lakers. After a little hesitation to start his move, he drove right past Ty Lawson and threw down the big right-handed dunk.

There you go, Lakers fans! Those are some pretty nice highlights.

By the way, they lost by nine points to a Denver Nuggets team that didn't play well at all. 

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