VIDEO: LeBron James' block sparks Miami's Game 2 knockout punch

Hang on, I need a second. Because I'm watching this video again. 

Tiago Splitter went for a dunk. At the summit, he met LeBron James

This was the opposite of a poster. This was a canvas. A tapestry. One might even call it a Hibbert. The ball is headed in the basket and it just gets completely fed back because of raw strength, power and athleticism.

Postgame, LeBron described his mindset on the block like this: "Basically, I told myself, 'You're going to end up on SportsCenter one way or another.'"

It sparked the final knockout blow by the Heat in Game 2, a Ray Allen 3 (set up by LeBron on a a splendid no-look pass), then a two-handed smash from the MVP. The final punctuation on a dominant second half in a 103-84 Miami victory. 

It was essentially 20 absolutely flawless seconds from the best player in the world.

"It was awesome," Dwyane Wade said of the block. It was just perfect. It opened up, and it was just perfect."

"You're licking your chops on that one, just watching it."

A note: It was 62-61 Spurs with about three minutes left in the third. After that, the Heat went on a 33-5 run. 

"I tried to do a good play. I went to dunk the ball and he did even better. He blocked the shot," Splitter said. "I just tried to make a good play. Just go strong and he was right there so great play by him."

Did he see LeBron coming?

"Well, I saw somebody," Splitter said. "I didn't know who it was. It was so quick. So he made a great play."

Funny to think that after LeBron started the game 2 for 12 from the floor, people were wondering what was up with him. He said he got tired at the end of Game 1. I guess he was just resting up for the fourth quarter in Game 2. 

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