VIDEO: LeBron shows off with another spectacular pregame dunk

You know how people like to show up early to baseball games to watch batting practice to try and catch foul balls and home runs and stuff?

If you have tickets to a Heat game, you need to be there early. Because if you're not, you might miss the best part.

The LeBron James Dunk Contest.

LeBron busted out a sensational pregame dunk the other night, spinning, then going through the legs and off the backboard. Wednesday before the game against the Kings, he ooped himself off the bounce and went between the legs.

And then he went out and dropped 40-16-8 in a double-overtime victory. So ridiculous.

LeBron actually said he was close to doing the dunk contest this season, transciption via The Point Forward:

“I was very close,” he said. “I was very close to getting into the dunk contest, man. For me, I’ve always been an in-game dunker, man. When you’ve got to be in the dunk contest, you’ve got to be creative, figure out ways to do something that no one has done in the dunk contest. I couldn’t figure that out. I couldn’t figure that out. I was entertained by being in the three-point contest, too.”

You know what, LeBron? I've seen plenty of people do between-the-legs dunks. And that one there was still jaw-dropping. So I think you'd be fine.

But if you're just going to hold an individual dunk contest before every game as penance, I'll accept it.

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