VIDEO: Mo Williams passes the nutmeg for a Thomas Robinson dunk

Do you know what a "nutmeg" is in basketball? Not everybody is familiar with the term so let's have some visual aids from Mo Williams to better explain what it means. Nutmeg is typically referred to as a dribbling move in which you bounce the ball to yourself through your opponent's legs. You've seen it quite a bit on the court but perhaps you didn't know what it's called.

You can do this with passing too and then make a joke like "Mo Williams passes the nutmeg to Thomas Robinson to spice up this dunk." Use something like that with your friends and they'll be clapping for you and nodding their heads in approval. When you show them this highlight of Portland Trail Blazers' forward Thomas Robinson receiving the pass from Williams through Drew Gooden's legs, you'll be able to use the term, explain the reference to your friends, and be a basketball connoisseur in the process.

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