VIDEO: Raptors CEO Tim Leiweke tries to zing the Celtics

"How's that preseason going for you?" 

That's the sick burn Raptors CEO Tim Leiweke came up with to zing a guy wearing a Celtics jersey at a season ticket-holder event. 

You see, the Raptors are 5-1 in the preseason and have beat the Celtics twice, while Boston is just 1-6 and has lost to the Raptors twice. 

So in terms of 2013 preseason superiority, yep, the Raptors own the Celtics. 

But in terms of things like, you know, history, the Celtics kind of have the edge. What with 17 NBA titles to the Raptors' zero, or 33 Hall of Famers to zero, or 21 Atlantic division titles to one, or by basically any other measure of franchise excellence, the Celtics are greater than the Raptors. 

But not this preseason! The Raps are totally better. And who knows, Leiweke may get to say in-your-face at the event to the guy again next year because the Celtics are rebuilding and could have a rough season. 

Basically "how's that preseason going for you?" is right up there with Shaq's "tell me how my a-- taste" and basically every Tupac song. It's the "Hit 'Em Up" of NBA preseason trash talk, if you ask me. 


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