VIDEO: Tony Wroten makes Ray McCallum lose a game of Twister

Those who have followed Tony Wroten through high school, college, and the summer pro-am leagues are well aware of just how filthy the Philadelphia 76ers' point guard's handle is. He has great control dribbling the ball and it helps him whip passes all over the floor in an open game. Against the Sacramento Kings, the Sixers lost yet again, but not before Wroten could unleash a great move on Kings' point guard Ray McCallum.

Wroten hit McCallum with a double crossover, before bringing the ball behind his back and driving to the hoop. It was on the behind-the-back move that caused McCallum to look like he just lost a game of Twister. Wroten ended up missing the layup because he tends to do that, but he was able to enjoy the move on the jumbotron and talk to fellow Seattle native Isaiah Thomas about it.

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