VIDEO: Wizards' John Wall gets another chasedown block

Washington Wizards' point guard John Wall is one of the more exciting players to watch in the NBA. He's great at attacking the basket with ridiculous speed and quickness, while his passing complements the way he attacks the defense. He's also arguably the best chasedown shot blocker in the NBA this season. After bobbling away the first possession of the game against the Golden State Warriors, Wall made sure Stephen Curry didn't get an easy start to the game.

He chased down Curry for his 20th block of the season. It's nothing new to those who have watched Wall chase down transition plays though. 13 of his blocks this season have been in transition and 12 of them are chasedown blocks. Wall helped keep Curry in check (23 points on 23 shots) as the Wizards got the upset road victory 88-85 over the Warriors.

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