Vlade Divac thinks the Lakers can win the title... in 2014... in the NBA

Former Los Angeles Lakers center Vlade Divac spent more time with the Lakers during his career than any other team. His first seven years in the NBA were on the Lakers and he spent his final season, riddled with back injuries, on the Lakers bench. After he retired from the NBA, he accepted a job with the organization as a European liaison for international scouting. While most fans now remember him for his time with the Sacramento Kings, Vlade has been a Laker for much longer.

Despite the hard times that look to be clouding this season for the Lakers, Divac is still confident that they'll be one of the top teams in the league. Pau Gasol's feet and knees, Steve Nash's injuries from last year, and Kobe Bryant recovering from an Achilles' tendon tear do not deter Divac from thinking the Lakers will be right there with the top teams in the Western Conference, competing for a championship. From Express:

Former Laker centre Divac says there is no chance his former team will be as bad as they were last season and thinks they have a shot at the title once Bryant returns.

He told Express Sports: "The Los Angeles Lakers are an elite team and I'm sure they're going to do better than last year. It's not going to happen two years in a row to have a bad season.

"The Lakers are going to be definitely one of those teams that can win the championship next year."

I guess Vlade didn't get the news that Wesley Johnson is a little banged up right now.

It's nice that Divac has such confidence in the Lakers heading into this season. As Magic Johnson says in the video above, he's such a good person. He's done wonders for children and families around the world and his philanthropic reach seems to know no bounds when it comes to helping others. It's nice to see him being charitable with his kind words and expectations of a Lakers team that seems to be headed toward a transition period.

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