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NBA Total Player Ratings

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Regular Season
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The NBA Total Player Ratings are a total player-rating system based on various offensive and defensive statistics. Players increase their scores with every contribution they make to the game.

6. Jimmy Butler, CHI 76.52N/A+76.522439.921.96.03.348.982.2
48. Trevor Ariza, HOU 64.42N/A+64.422638.514.
1. LeBron James, CLE 81.85N/A+81.852437.825.25.47.749.075.1
2. James Harden, HOU 80.75N/A+80.752637.826.
18. Kyrie Irving, CLE 70.92N/A+70.922537.819.
28. Ty Lawson, DEN 67.68N/A+67.682637.415.23.110.739.973.0
10. Rudy Gay, SAC 74.16N/A+74.162436.421.16.54.744.487.1
11. Carmelo Anthony, NY 74.09N/A+74.092536.423.
23. Kevin Love, CLE 70.13N/A+70.132536.317.110.62.443.482.7
13. John Wall, WAS 72.51N/A+72.512536.017.94.610.645.275.6
5. LaMarcus Aldridge, POR 77.82N/A+77.822735.922.810.71.945.884.8
16. Pau Gasol, CHI 71.06N/A+71.062335.818.211.72.347.677.7
9. Damian Lillard, POR 75.17N/A+75.172835.621.
20. Tobias Harris, ORL 70.87N/A+70.872735.518.
14. Kobe Bryant, LAL 72.35N/A+72.352635.424.
33. Kemba Walker, CHA 66.92N/A+66.922735.416.44.25.639.678.1
17. Chris Bosh, MIA 70.99N/A+70.992335.321.
18. Gordon Hayward, UTA 70.92N/A+70.922835.
21. Nikola Vucevic, ORL 70.76N/A+70.762335.
7. Blake Griffin, LAC 75.68N/A+75.682735.
12. Marc Gasol, MEM 72.79N/A+72.792635.
3. Anthony Davis, NO 80.53N/A+80.532534.924.110.11.657.178.0
40. Joe Johnson, BKN 65.58N/A+65.582334.916.35.03.745.379.7
8. Chris Paul, LAC 75.35N/A+75.352734.717.94.59.949.788.4
51. Darren Collison, SAC 63.71N/A+63.712334.715.
54. Dwight Howard, HOU 63.15N/A+63.151434.619.611.91.657.550.7
50. Deron Williams, BKN 64.39N/A+64.392534.515.63.16.840.388.0
15. Kyle Lowry, TOR 71.97N/A+71.972734.
22. Klay Thompson, GS 70.43N/A+70.432434.
34. Jrue Holiday, NO 66.80N/A+66.802634.
45. Tyreke Evans, NO 64.55N/A+64.552534.
76. Nicolas Batum, POR 58.56N/A+58.562334.
4. Stephen Curry, GS 78.21N/A+78.212534.
26. Monta Ellis, DAL 68.56N/A+68.562834.
47. Jeff Green, BOS 64.45N/A+64.452434.
126. Patrick Beverley, HOU 52.38N/A+52.381433.912.
37. DeAndre Jordan, LAC 65.87N/A+65.872733.
39. Draymond Green, GS 65.66N/A+65.662533.813.18.13.345.274.3
60. Wesley Matthews, POR 62.51N/A+62.512833.816.
72. Michael Carter-Williams, PHI 59.59N/A+59.591833.815.47.27.838.762.8
87. DeMar DeRozan, TOR 56.97N/A+56.971633.619.44.22.639.482.3
30. Mike Conley, MEM 67.20N/A+67.202633.517.
53. Reggie Jackson, OKC 63.21N/A+63.212433.516.04.45.542.388.5
38. Chandler Parsons, DAL 65.68N/A+65.682733.416.75.32.444.874.4
29. Paul Millsap, ATL 67.42N/A+67.422633.316.
73. Alec Burks, UTA 59.51N/A+59.512633.313.
107. Bradley Beal, WAS 54.63N/A+54.631633.315.
74. Evan Fournier, ORL 59.39N/A+59.392833.
27. Al Jefferson, CHA 68.38N/A+68.382733.
84. Ben McLemore, SAC 57.34N/A+57.342633.
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