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NBA Total Player Ratings

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Regular Season
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The NBA Total Player Ratings are a total player-rating system based on various offensive and defensive statistics. Players increase their scores with every contribution they make to the game.

6. Jimmy Butler, CHI 79.63N/A+79.634339.520.16.03.345.983.4
21. Kevin Love, CLE 73.93N/A+73.934335.417.510.32.243.382.1
229. Kosta Koufos, MEM 44.48N/A+44.484315.
176. Jerryd Bayless, MIL 50.72N/A+50.724321.
32. Al Horford, ATL 70.09N/A+70.094330.415.
107. Corey Brewer, HOU 57.80N/A+57.804326.410.93.22.742.573.9
188. Thabo Sefolosha, ATL 49.21N/A+49.214319.
179. Marvin Williams, CHA 50.27N/A+50.274324.
170. Brandon Bass, BOS 51.20N/A+51.204319.
162. Devin Harris, DAL 52.12N/A+52.124322.
240. Ben Gordon, ORL 42.90N/A+42.904315.
106. Matt Barnes, LAC 57.88N/A+57.884328.
9. Pau Gasol, CHI 78.69N/A+78.694334.918.311.82.748.382.2
37. Tyson Chandler, DAL 68.93N/A+68.934331.110.512.01.366.974.3
86. Paul Pierce, WAS 61.09N/A+61.094326.912.
192. Shane Larkin, NY 49.15N/A+49.154222.
46. Draymond Green, GS 67.97N/A+67.974231.711.77.93.544.569.9
79. Harrison Barnes, GS 61.70N/A+61.704229.510.46.01.449.574.4
14. Kyrie Irving, CLE 76.02N/A+76.024238.
93. Avery Bradley, BOS 59.45N/A+59.454230.413.12.71.542.979.2
109. Wesley Johnson, LAL 57.62N/A+57.624229.
4. Stephen Curry, GS 80.84N/A+80.844232.922.
11. Nikola Vucevic, ORL 76.75N/A+76.754234.519.511.22.053.677.2
24. Kemba Walker, CHA 72.16N/A+72.164235.618.
68. Reggie Jackson, OKC 63.72N/A+63.724229.513.94.14.542.786.8
185. Jason Thompson, SAC 49.43N/A+49.434225.
114. Roy Hibbert, IND 57.06N/A+57.064225.
78. Kenneth Faried, DEN 61.77N/A+61.774227.611.99.01.351.067.8
32. Mike Conley, MEM 70.09N/A+70.094232.
112. P.J. Tucker, PHO 57.20N/A+57.204227.
180. Beno Udrih, MEM 50.19N/A+50.194218.
40. Joe Johnson, BKN 68.71N/A+68.714235.515.54.63.742.780.8
187. Jason Terry, HOU 49.22N/A+49.224222.
36. Dirk Nowitzki, DAL 69.23N/A+69.234229.818.96.01.947.190.4
244. Vince Carter, MEM 42.02N/A+42.024216.
269. Nik Stauskas, SAC (Rookie)37.81N/A+37.814114.
184. Zach LaVine, MIN (Rookie)49.51N/A+49.514122.
125. Nerlens Noel, PHI (Rookie)56.18N/A+56.184130.
219. Pablo Prigioni, NY 45.87N/A+45.874118.
220. Austin Rivers, LAC 45.74N/A+45.744121.
102. Khris Middleton, MIL 58.37N/A+58.374125.410.44.11.746.282.5
2. Anthony Davis, NO 85.82N/A+85.824136.024.510.41.755.682.9
35. Tobias Harris, ORL 69.44N/A+69.444134.417.46.61.946.578.8
79. Enes Kanter, UTA 61.70N/A+61.704127.
44. Derrick Favors, UTA 68.10N/A+68.104130.615.78.61.454.266.9
67. Brandon Jennings, DET 64.16N/A+64.164128.615.42.56.640.183.9
30. Jeff Teague, ATL 70.43N/A+70.434131.417.12.77.547.386.6
217. Jonas Jerebko, DET 46.15N/A+46.154115.
17. Klay Thompson, GS 75.40N/A+75.404132.322.
138. Marreese Speights, GS 54.32N/A+54.324118.412.
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