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NBA Total Player Ratings

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Regular Season
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The NBA Total Player Ratings are a total player-rating system based on various offensive and defensive statistics. Players increase their scores with every contribution they make to the game.

74. Rajon Rondo, DAL 58.67N/A+58.672531.98.67.310.640.033.3
14. John Wall, WAS 72.69N/A+72.692736.117.84.610.445.275.8
26. Ty Lawson, DEN 68.74N/A+68.742837.415.83.010.441.073.4
224. Ricky Rubio, MIN 42.87N/A+42.87528.89.45.610.042.660.0
9. Chris Paul, LAC 76.07N/A+76.072934.818.14.69.749.188.5
4. Stephen Curry, GS 77.86N/A+77.862733.523.45.07.749.092.6
13. Kyle Lowry, TOR 73.34N/A+73.342934.
1. LeBron James, CLE 82.20N/A+82.202637.725.25.27.649.475.0
63. Michael Carter-Williams, PHI 61.04N/A+61.042034.415.96.87.640.263.8
35. Jrue Holiday, NO 66.97N/A+66.972834.
25. Russell Westbrook, OKC 68.81N/A+68.811531.728.
2. James Harden, HOU 81.95N/A+81.952737.527.
52. Jeff Teague, ATL 63.84N/A+63.842531.
47. Deron Williams, BKN 64.39N/A+64.392534.515.63.16.840.388.0
162. Mo Williams, MIN 48.82N/A+48.822026.
101. Brandon Jennings, DET 55.94N/A+55.942528.812.62.76.436.885.2
8. Damian Lillard, POR 76.39N/A+76.393035.921.95.06.346.288.0
32. Mike Conley, MEM 67.76N/A+67.762833.
50. Darren Collison, SAC 64.21N/A+64.212534.815.
40. Eric Bledsoe, PHO 65.67N/A+65.673032.915.85.25.843.384.8
31. Kemba Walker, CHA 67.86N/A+67.862935.
108. Tony Wroten, PHI 54.71N/A+54.712030.816.33.05.740.865.3
43. Tyreke Evans, NO 65.05N/A+65.052734.
38. Dwyane Wade, MIA 65.78N/A+65.782132.822.83.85.551.267.9
45. Reggie Jackson, OKC 64.74N/A+64.742633.516.34.75.442.989.3
18. Kyrie Irving, CLE 71.63N/A+71.632737.820.02.95.346.784.1
33. Brandon Knight, MIL 67.60N/A+67.602932.318.14.65.344.489.8
87. Tony Parker, SA 57.32N/A+57.322031.
84. Nicolas Batum, POR 57.70N/A+57.702433.
97. Trey Burke, UTA 55.99N/A+55.992931.611.
190. Elfrid Payton, ORL (Rookie)46.66N/A+46.663124.
16. Kobe Bryant, LAL 72.10N/A+72.102735.424.65.14.937.281.0
115. Jeremy Lin, LAL 54.24N/A+54.242827.510.52.74.942.981.9
126. Derrick Rose, CHI 52.68N/A+52.681827.617.93.14.944.779.2
128. Manu Ginobili, SA 52.58N/A+52.582425.512.92.84.940.374.2
94. Lance Stephenson, CHA 56.12N/A+56.122532.810.26.84.838.663.5
7. Blake Griffin, LAC 76.50N/A+76.502935.
11. Rudy Gay, SAC 74.25N/A+74.252636.420.96.44.744.285.1
121. Donald Sloan, IND 53.30N/A+53.302528.
30. Monta Ellis, DAL 68.19N/A+68.193034.
163. Jameer Nelson, BOS 48.81N/A+48.812525.
88. Mario Chalmers, MIA 57.31N/A+57.312930.812.42.84.342.877.9
159. Jose Calderon, NY 49.16N/A+49.161730.
215. Steve Blake, POR 44.46N/A+44.463022.
233. C.J. Watson, IND 41.73N/A+41.731325.810.
19. Gordon Hayward, UTA 71.16N/A+71.162935.319.
51. Goran Dragic, PHO 64.20N/A+64.202832.616.
103. Joakim Noah, CHI 55.48N/A+55.482131.
133. Isaiah Thomas, PHO 51.97N/A+51.972224.515.22.33.942.185.8
12. Marc Gasol, MEM 73.65N/A+73.652834.919.98.23.850.082.8
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