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NBA Total Player Ratings

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Regular Season
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The NBA Total Player Ratings are a total player-rating system based on various offensive and defensive statistics. Players increase their scores with every contribution they make to the game.

190. Elfrid Payton, ORL (Rookie)46.66N/A+46.663124.
8. Damian Lillard, POR 76.39N/A+76.393035.921.95.06.346.288.0
30. Monta Ellis, DAL 68.19N/A+68.193034.
39. Tyson Chandler, DAL 65.68N/A+65.683030.210.911.91.368.172.7
40. Eric Bledsoe, PHO 65.67N/A+65.673032.915.85.25.843.384.8
55. Wesley Matthews, POR 63.24N/A+63.243033.816.
60. Markieff Morris, PHO 62.60N/A+62.603030.415.
72. Evan Fournier, ORL 58.92N/A+58.923032.914.42.82.344.269.0
116. Gerald Green, PHO 54.00N/A+54.003022.614.23.01.342.887.1
118. Channing Frye, ORL 53.77N/A+53.773031.
161. Marcus Morris, PHO 48.88N/A+48.883023.
167. Tim Hardaway Jr., NY 48.30N/A+48.303021.310.71.71.539.489.8
175. Chris Kaman, POR 47.76N/A+47.763019.
196. Alex Len, PHO 46.17N/A+46.173018.
210. Miles Plumlee, PHO 45.08N/A+45.083022.
215. Steve Blake, POR 44.46N/A+44.463022.
237. Samuel Dalembert, NY 41.35N/A+41.353017.
241. Jason Smith, NY 40.91N/A+40.913016.
7. Blake Griffin, LAC 76.50N/A+76.502935.
9. Chris Paul, LAC 76.07N/A+76.072934.818.14.69.749.188.5
13. Kyle Lowry, TOR 73.34N/A+73.342934.
19. Gordon Hayward, UTA 71.16N/A+71.162935.319.
20. Tobias Harris, ORL 71.08N/A+71.082935.518.
28. Al Jefferson, CHA 68.55N/A+68.552932.719.18.21.949.369.8
31. Kemba Walker, CHA 67.86N/A+67.862935.
33. Brandon Knight, MIL 67.60N/A+67.602932.318.14.65.344.489.8
36. DeAndre Jordan, LAC 66.77N/A+66.772934.19.313.40.670.542.4
48. Chandler Parsons, DAL 64.35N/A+64.352933.
59. Serge Ibaka, OKC 62.61N/A+62.612932.514.26.90.946.183.7
65. Wilson Chandler, DEN 60.86N/A+60.862930.914.06.01.342.682.9
68. Arron Afflalo, DEN 59.98N/A+59.982932.
75. Giannis Antetokounmpo, MIL 58.48N/A+58.482927.612.
76. Enes Kanter, UTA 58.40N/A+58.402927.
81. J.J. Redick, LAC 57.83N/A+57.832929.714.91.71.646.484.4
88. Mario Chalmers, MIA 57.31N/A+57.312930.812.42.84.342.877.9
90. Solomon Hill, IND 56.99N/A+56.992932.310.
97. Trey Burke, UTA 55.99N/A+55.992931.611.
100. Terrence Ross, TOR 55.95N/A+55.952927.912.33.40.844.189.7
106. Timofey Mozgov, DEN 54.89N/A+54.892925.
112. Patrick Patterson, TOR 54.41N/A+54.412926.
114. Boris Diaw, SA 54.33N/A+54.332927.
117. Lou Williams, TOR 53.86N/A+53.862923.
135. Shawne Williams, MIA 51.90N/A+51.902924.
140. Brandan Wright, BOS 51.15N/A+51.152918.
148. Luis Scola, IND 50.67N/A+50.672921.
153. Steven Adams, OKC 49.67N/A+49.672924.
154. O.J. Mayo, MIL 49.43N/A+49.432924.
170. Cody Zeller, CHA 48.09N/A+48.092923.
176. Rudy Gobert, UTA 47.74N/A+47.742918.
178. Jerryd Bayless, MIL 47.50N/A+47.502920.
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