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McCants' career flamed out after his fourth season in the NBA
The Warriors head coach is not ready to rejoin the team on the bench
Lue said that the Celtics were harder to game plan for than the Warriors
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Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant is still not interested in talking about his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook.
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As expected, the Golden State Warriors have responded. Just a day after Tyronn Lue claimed the Boston Celtics were tougher to defend than the Warriors, interim head coach
James needs only 28 points to pass MJ for the most points in NBA postseason history
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The sixth episode of the new season (season 4) of Bleacher Report's popular NBA/Game of Thrones mash-up web series Game of Zones was officially released this week.
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It's official—the Atlanta Hawks have hired Travis Schlenk as their new general manager. Hawks principal owner Tony Ressler announced the hiring of the Golden State
With all the rumors swirling around, one thing that's for certain, is Ingram will be staying in L.A.

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