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According to Kevin Durant, Royce Young is wrong—he never promised anyone that he would to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The four-time scoring champion told The
Teams like the Clippers, Hawks and Spurs typically forgo the offensive boards. Is this the right strategy in today's NBA?
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Kevin Durant decided his 2016-17 team long ago, but it hasn't stopped players and coaches from talking about his decision. Durant's decision to sign with the Golden State
The Golden State Warriors superstar said he never promised anybody anything
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It's official—Spencer Dinwiddie is back with the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls announced on Thursday that they have re-signed Dinwiddie after waiving him earlier this
The retired big man says the interest was not mutual
The Kings GM says he knows his franchise player will destroy Serbia at the Olympics
San Antonio gets another skilled frontcourt player
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Considering he was a late first-round draft selection and began his collegiate career at a junior college, it makes sense that Jimmy Butler would have a chip on his
The Heat and Mavericks aren't far behind

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