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2010 NBA Draft: First-round grades


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CBSSports.com provides real-time grades during the 2010 NBA Draft.

Live draft analysis by NBA writer Dave Del Grande
No. 1: Wizards select: John Wall, PG, Kentucky Grade
Analysis: A no-brainer. But let's not forget: If you build a Wall around Arenas, what are you bound to get? Answer: Fewer fans.
No. 2: 76ers select: Evan Turner, SG, Ohio State Grade
Analysis: Some call the two-position swingman a duplication of Andre Iguodala. Uh, that's a good thing.
No. 3: Nets select: Derrick Favors, PF, Georgia Tech Grade
Analysis: His big selling point: The Nets don't trust their ability to sign a name power forward in free agency. Gee, isn't that encouraging?
No. 4: Timber Wolves select: Wesley Johnson, SF, Syracuse Grade
Analysis: Rubio, Flynn, Johnson, Jefferson, Love ... Sounds good, but it's unlikely Timberwolves fans will ever see it.
No. 5: Kings select: DeMarcus Cousins, PF, Kentucky Grade
Analysis: Big trouble. Tyreke Evans and the Kings' four clydesdales: Impressive in the clubs, lottery-bound (again) on the court.
No. 6: Warriors select: Ekpe Udoh, PF, Baylor Grade
Analysis: With Anthony Randolph, Brandan Wright and Udoh, the Warriors have taken the power out of the power forward position.
No. 7: Pistons select: Greg Monroe, C, Georgetown Grade
Analysis: A pass-first big man means even more shots for Ben Gordon. That can't be a step in the right direction.
No. 8: Clippers select: Al-Farouq Aminu, SF, Wake Forest Grade
Analysis: The Clippers needed a small forward and might have gotten the best one in the draft at No. 8. Imagine that.
No. 9: Jazz select: Gordan Hayward, SF, Butler Grade
Analysis: The Jazz's inexperience in the lottery shows. You don't draft winners at 9, you draft talent.
No. 10: Pacers select: Paul George, SF, Fresno State Grade
Analysis: Larry Bird admitted the club's biggest need was a point guard. With another shooter now onboard, that weakness is even more glaring.
No. 11: Hornets select: Cole Aldrich, C, Kansas Grade
Analysis: Take a backup center or move down via a trade with the Thunder to get two productive players? The latter makes a whole lot more sense.
No. 12: Grizzlies select: Xavier Henry, SG, Kansas Grade
Analysis: Having gotten an F for the early selection of useless Hasheem Thabeet last year, the Grizzlies obviously have been doing their homework.
No. 13: Raptors select: Ed Davis, PF, North Carolina Grade
Analysis: When undersized Andrea Bargnani is your center, taking the best available big man is a wise move, whether Chris Bosh returns or not.
No. 14: Rockets select: Patrick Patterson, PF, Kentucky Grade
Analysis: If this means the Rockets aren't serious about re-signing restricted free agent Luis Scola, they're making a monster-sized mistake.
No. 15: Bucks select: Larry Sanders, PF, Va. Commonwealth Grade
Analysis: Sure, the money is great. But the best part about being Sanders today: He's got awfully small (Dan Gadzuric) shoes to fill.
No. 16: Timber Wolves select: Luke Babbitt, PF, Nevada Grade
Analysis: Gotta say this about the Timberwolves: No team locks in on a single position on draft day better than they do.
No. 17: Bulls select: Kevin Seraphin, PF, Cholet, France Grade
Analysis: The Frenchman -- and the World Cup results -- indicate at least some of his country's best athletes are opting for basketball these days.
No. 18: Thunder select: Eric Bledsoe, PG, Kentucky Grade
Analysis: Having acquired this pick from Oklahoma City, the Hornets now have two reasons (similarly talented Bledsoe and Darren Collison) to consider dealing Chris Paul.
No. 19: Celtics select: Avery Bradley, SG, Texas Grade
Analysis: The Celtics need a backup for Rajon Rondo and a replacement (one of these days, anyway) for Ray Allen. The versatile Bradley provides both.
No. 20: Spurs select: James Anderson, SG, Oklahoma State Grade
Analysis: The Roger Mason experiment having failed, the Spurs luck into an upgrade 20 picks into the draft. Postpone the obituary.
No. 21: Thunder select: Craig Brackins, PF, Iowa State Grade
Analysis: Few players' stocks were rising faster as the draft approached than this guy. Is that really the way prospects should be evaluated?
No. 22: Trail Blazers select: Elliot Williams, SG, Memphis Grade
Analysis: Several teams drafting late in the first or early in the second coveted this guy. The Trail Blazers? They need him far less than most.
No. 23: Timber Wolves select: Trevor Booker, PF, Clemson Grade
Analysis: There's a reason collegiate seniors are sliding farther and farther down NBA drafts. Ending that slide cannot be a wise thing.
No. 24: Hawks select: Damion James, SF, Texas Grade
Analysis: The last time the Hawks drafted a guy like this, Marvin Williams didn't meet expectations. Finally, Williams now has competition for minutes.
No. 25: Grizzlies select: Dominique Jones, SG, South Florida Grade
Analysis: After delivering the Lakers two championships, now the Grizzlies are selling first-round picks to Mark Cuban. Don't they have more productive things to do?
No. 26: Thunder select: Quincy Pondexter, SF, Washington Grade
Analysis: Exhausting a first-round pick on a backup for your best player? Sorry, the Thunder hasn't achieved that status yet.
No. 27: Nets select: Jordan Crawford, SG, Xavier Grade
Analysis: Rumored to be going to Atlanta for James, a deal that makes sense for both teams. Give them each a B in that case.
No. 28: Grizzlies select: Greivis Vasquez, PG, Maryland Grade
Analysis: A team that needed a center first and foremost used its first-round picks on a small forward and two guards. Conclusion: Poor depth is a killer, too.
No. 29: Magic select: Daniel Orton, PF, Kentucky Grade
Analysis: The fifth-best guy on a non-championship college team can't be all that good, can he?
No. 30: Wizards select: Lazar Hayward, SF, Marquette Grade
Analysis: The last drafted player assured of a guaranteed contract is only the second-best Hayward in the draft. Even the best Hayward warranted only a C.
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