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--Newly acquired Glen "Big Baby" Davis didn't waste any time making his presence felt both on the court and in the locker room. Davis, who was acquired from Boston, has been vocal around his teammates and letting them know what it was like with the Celtics when they won an NBA title. He used Kevin Garnett as an example of someone who greatly influences his teammates by his work ethic. "It's a contagious intensity," he said. He also talked to his new teammates about the family-like atmosphere they need to develop.

--The reason Dwight Howard has waffled in his demands is that he still wants to be loved, despite asking for a divorce from the Magic. "I don't think people understand the magnitude of the love I have for this city," Howard said. "It goes beyond basketball. This hasn't been just a city I love playing basketball in, and that's why it's been so tough."

--Veteran forward Hedo Turkoglu reported to camp in great shape, but he remains the one player most likely to be dealt if a trade goes through for Howard. If Howard is dealt for younger players and the team needs to rebuild, they will want to go under the salary cap and lose the big contract of Turkoglu. "I don't worry about things I don't control," Turkoglu said. "I just come to play and we'll see what happens."

If Howard starts the season in a Magic uniform, he will be determined to prove his worth and silence the home crowd if it turns against him. There is a good chance the Magic will start strong, despite the constant trade rumors surrounding him. As it gets closer to the trade deadline, things could turn sour. The Magic expect Glen Davis to be a big help offensively around the basket, something Howard didn't have last season. Point guard Jameer Nelson reported in great shape and ready to play.

Howard keeps harping about wanting a better supporting cast, which can't be very pleasant for the team he has. The locker room could turn sour quickly and it could lead to some ugly moments if he remains in a Magic uniform. Outside of Howard, the Magic still don't have a very good defensive team. They weren't athletic enough against the Hawks in the playoffs, and they didn't get much better with their early free-agent signings.

"I think anytime you run into a situation like this, people take things personally." -- Magic guard J.J. Redick.

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